Aesthetic Virology

Aesthetic Virology

Viruses are tiny particles that can not be seen with the naked eye. They produce a very abstract image with the electronic light microscope. However, they are aesthetically designed in form that I have set myself the goal to take five different viruses from 4,000 known species out and make models that visible the hidden. I was inspired by the marine biologist Prof. Dr. Ernst Haeckel, and his book the "art forms of nature" in 1900, where he visualized the beauty of different organisms.

In the exhibition, I have created this microcosm a visible world. These 16 photographs I took deals with the topic "Aesthetic Virology". The photographs covers three topics : the vulnerable, defenseless person who is exposed to the risk of viruses and infection, the viruses in their own form, as well as a cross section of each individual virus.

Project N°35

Papercraft/Set Design/Scenography/Photography

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