The Border @Wonderspaces

"The Border between Dream and Reality" is an immersive art installation by installation artist Carolin Wanitzek. It transports the viewer into a fascinating world in which the boundaries between dream and reality become blurred.
This life-size, walk-in installation made of paper is a homage to the beauty and mysteriousness of our innermost thoughts and dreams. The cool blue hue of the plants creates a surreal atmosphere where visitors can stroll between the trees as they lose themselves in an ocean of thoughts and memories.
The art installation was presented at the B Street Pier at the Port of San Diego in California by Los Angeles-based Wonderspaces from June to August 2018. From fall 2018 to fall 2019 it was exhibited by the artist itself at a gallery place in Mannheim, Germany. It has been on display in Scottdale, Arizona, since July 2022 until today.

Images by Anne Vetter, Kenji Bennett, Yadira Villarreal, Carolin Wanitzek & Dennis Adelmann

Project N°03

Papercraft/Scenography/Installation/Art Installation

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